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Testing Specialist

Eli E. Hendel, MD -  - Pulmonologist

Eli E. Hendel, MD

Pulmonologist & Sleep Specialist located in Glendale, CA

Testing options like pulmonary function tests or home sleep studies give you all the information you need for an accurate diagnosis and personalized care. Board-certified pulmonologist and sleep medicine specialist Eli E. Hendel, MD, provides testing services from his well-equipped private practice in Glendale, California. To learn more about your testing options, call Eli E. Hendel, MD, or book a visit online today.

Testing Q&A

What is testing?

Testing services are available in Dr. Hendel’s office for diagnostic and evaluation purposes. Beyond helping him make an accurate diagnosis, testing guides him toward the best available options for treatment according to your circumstances. 

As a board-certified pulmonologist and sleep medicine specialist, Dr. Hendel provides pulmonary function testing for breathing problems and home sleep testing for sleep disorders. He uses these tests to evaluate the severity of your condition and track how well certain treatments are working for you. 

Which types of pulmonary testing can I get?

Dr. Hendel offers comprehensive pulmonary function tests (PFTs) in his office. He compares your results to the standard results of individuals of similar size, sex, and age. Comprehensive pulmonary function testing involves a few different measurements, including:

Forced vital capacity

Forced vital capacity is the measurement of the amount of air you exhale after taking a very deep breath. 

Forced expiratory volume (FEV1)

FEV1 refers to the measure of airflow exiting your lungs in one second. 

Lung volumes and capacities

Lung volumes and capacities include measurements such as: your total lung capacity, which is your maximum inhaled volume; the tidal volume, which is the amount of air you breathe in at rest; and the residual volume, which is the amount of air remaining in your lungs after you exhale. 

Diffusion capacity of carbon monoxide (DLCO)

DLCO measures the ability of gases like oxygen to move from the air sacs in your lungs called alveoli into your bloodstream. 

Maximal voluntary ventilation (MVV)

MVV measures the maximum amount of air you can inhale in one minute putting forth all of your effort. 

Oxygen saturation

Oxygen saturation measures the amount of oxygen currently in your bloodstream. 

Which types of sleep testing can I get?

In addition to pulmonary function testing, Dr. Hendel offers home sleep testing from his private practice. Home sleep testing allows you to get all the measurements Dr. Hendel needs while you sleep comfortably at home instead of a certified office or lab setting. 

If you need a home sleep test, Dr. Hendel lends you the equipment you need. During the test, you place a device on your forehead that has two nasal prongs attached to it. For two consecutive nights, you activate it right before going to sleep, and then return it to Dr. Hendel’s office. He extracts the data from your device and analyzes it. 

A home sleep test is an excellent option that many patients find to be more comfortable than a sleep study in a lab. However, if you have unusual sleep symptoms, Dr. Hendel might recommend a lab sleep test instead for closer observation. 

To find out more about the testing options at the office of Eli E. Hendel, MD, schedule an appointment over the phone or online today.