Eli Hendel M.D.
A Medical Corporation


Home Sleep Testing


A home sleep test allows the sleep study to take place at home rather than having you spend the night in a sleep lab at an office location.

Our office is equipped to perform this test using the ARES system. We will loan you  a simple device that is placed on the forehead and has two nasal prongs. It is activated by the patient when he or she is ready to go to sleep and deactivated when one gets up the next morning. Typically, we ask the patient to wear it so we can collect data from two consecutive nights. The device is then returned to the office the next morning, where it is uploaded to the server to obtain the data.

The results obtained are then discussed with the doctor.

It is a convenient and simpler test but it does have some drawbacks when compared to the attended sleep study done in a formal lab setting. In the attended sleep study the data collected is more accurate as it is observed and recorded in real time by a certified technician.

The advantages of the homes sleep test is that it is simpler and cheaper, and does not require spending the night in a unfamiliar environment.

Each individual patient will have to be assessed in order to decide what is the appropriate venue for their sleep study.

Usually those with unique sleep symptoms that need to be observed, or those individuals with cardiac or neurologic co-morbidities need to be evaluated in a sleep lab.