Eli Hendel M.D.
A Medical Corporation


CPAP: Follow Up and Monitoring


Once the decision is made to treat your condition with the appropriate machine, there must be one 30 to 90 day follow up to make sure that the machine is being used according to minimum requirements. This is done by reading information from the data card.

This office is equipped with the software that supports the necessary readings from the major manufacturers of sleep-assisting devices including:

  • Phillips Respironics

  • ResMed

  • Fisher Paykel

Adjustments to the pressure settings of the machine are made if necessary and accessories such as tubing and mask replacements are arranged by the office.

Follow up and documentation of usage is a requirement of Medicare and other private insurance carriers. Failure to do so may result in withholding of payment to the vendor, which may result in the machine having to be returned to the vendor.