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Commercial Driver Certification Exam


Dr Hendel is certified by the United States Department of Transportation to perform annual certifying and re-certifying medical examinations for individuals who possess a Commercial Drivers License

General Information

Effective May 21, 2014, interstate commercial vehicle (CMV) drivers can only get a valid medical certificate from a Certified Medical Examiner who is listed on FMCSA’s National Registry (https://nationalregistry.fmcsa.dot.gov).  Dr. Eli Hendel is a Certified Medical Examiner, listed on the National Registry.

If you have a commercial driver’s license and need to have a medical examination in order to maintain your license, contact our office for an appointment.



The cost for the examination is $90.00.  If you are required to have a California commercial driver license as part of your job, your employer will pay the cost of the examination unless conducted before you applied for the job (Labor Code § 231).

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For more information about medical examinations for commercial drivers, please see our FAQs.